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Star Wars Waffle Maker (My 10 Amazon Options)

When I’m searching for the best Star Wars waffle maker on the market, I always make sure I ask myself these questions:

  • Which characters are displayed on the waffles?
  • Does the waffle maker produce one or more waffles at a time?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Does it include a design on the lid as well as inside?

When you’re a fan of the movies, having Star Wars waffles for breakfast sounds cool… so you don’t want to buy a waffle maker only to find the waffles don’t look anything like the characters they’re supposed to represent.

Sure, it takes a little practice, but you should be turning out waffles in no time with the right waffle iron.

Fortunately, you’re going to be able to do just that once you pick your favorite waffle maker from my list.

No matter how many Star Wars facts you might know, there could still be some that might surprise you about the movie series.

One is the creation of some awesome waffle makers, so let’s check those out now.

Best Star Wars Waffle Maker (My Go-To Pick)

Star Wars Waffle Maker 4 Designs

Why have just one Star Wars waffle when you can have four?

This neat waffle maker had to be top of my list thanks to the great waffle designs included. 

  • Makes 4 square waffles
  • Includes 4 iconic designs
  • Adjustable browning feature

Simply pour your batter and use the sturdy handle to safely close the waffle maker – then wait for the magic to happen!

Star Wars Waffle Maker (Best Options)

Star Wars BB8 Waffle Maker

How about this design rolling around your breakfast plate?

Allow BB8 to grace your table every day – it even features on the lid of this smart waffle maker.

  • Makes one BB8 waffle
  • Nonstick plates
  • Easy clean up

Superbly designed for fans and simple to use, you’ll soon be cooking those waffles for the whole family.

Yoda Waffle Maker

This has one of the most detailed designs on my list, thanks to the detailed yet easy to clean plates in the waffle iron.

  • Create a waffle designed to look like Yoda’s head
  • Makes two types – one just for the head or a round one with the head in the middle
  • Easy-clean plates

With two versions of the design to choose from, I’d go for the larger round one… you can never have too much waffle, right?

Mandalorian Helmet Waffle Maker

Create the iconic helmet for your breakfast as you serve up waffles any Star Wars fan would love.

The design of the waffle maker gives you two neat possibilities as well, as you’ll see below:

  • 7-inch plates
  • Make a waffle helmet or a round waffle with the helmet in the center
  • Detailed design on the lid

You can adjust your batter to create the perfect Star Wars waffle… now that’s something I never thought I’d say.

Darth Vader And Stormtrooper Waffle Maker

Serve up a tasty breakfast and decide which waffle design you want to eat… or just have both!

The striking design on the lid of the waffle maker hints at what you’ll find inside, so check out the details below:

  • Makes two waffles – one Darth Vader and one Stormtrooper
  • Waffle design allows butter or sauce to melt into the spaces
  • Easy to clean nonstick plates

Will you eat both or share – and if you share, who will step into each role?

Star Wars Baby Yoda Mini Waffle Maker The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda Mini Waffle Maker

Serve a single tasty waffle for your Star Wars fan with the help of this brilliant mini waffle maker.

You’ll see Baby Yoda on the plates, so you’ll get the perfect design every time.

  • Nonstick plates
  • Non-skid feet
  • Bakes one waffle

And with one 4-inch waffle each time, you can bake just what you need.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker Waffle Iron

Millennium Falcon Star Wars Waffle Maker

Welcome the Millennium Falcon to your breakfast table with this cool waffle iron, designed to bake an iconic waffle.

  • Official Star Wars design
  • Double-sided design
  • Bakes one 7-inch waffle

With little dips and holes in the design, you’ve even got places to pour some syrup or to let the ice cream melt.

Deluxe Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

True Star Wars fans won’t just want the ship design on the inside – they can have it on the outside too!

This is one kitchen gadget you’ll want to keep on show all the time.

  • Millennium Falcon-style exterior
  • Design features on both heating plates
  • Great addition to the kitchen 

It’s an impressive and iconic design you’ll want to use every day.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Low Price

Death Star Waffle Maker

Here’s a low price Death Star any Star Wars fan would want.

With a dial that allows you to get your preferred degree of crispiness, you can expect the tastiest waffles whenever you want them with this compact machine.

  • Features Star Wars official branding
  • Makes detailed waffle
  • Nonstick plates

The lights allow you to add the batter at the right time and take out your waffle too, ensuring perfect results every time.

Death Star Mini Waffle Maker

How about a whole batch of mini Death Stars lining up on your breakfast table?

Here are some highlights you can expect to see if you choose this model:

  • Makes a 4-inch waffle
  • Detailed design
  • Features the Death Star and branding on the lid

This is no ordinary waffle maker, so it deserves its iconic design for the lid too, don’t you think?

Best Star Wars Waffle Maker (My Closing Thoughts)

There are several to choose from – so which one gets your attention?

Choose your favorite character or image from the series and serve up a tasty and movie-themed waffle each day.

Start with the design you like most and then consider the price and how easy it is to use.

You can then welcome the best Star Wars waffle maker into your home for the best and quirkiest waffles you’ve ever made.