VonShef Donut Maker is the best on the market.


Heart Shaped Waffle Maker (My 10 Amazon Options)

When I’m hunting for the best heart shaped waffle maker on the market, I always make sure I ask myself these questions:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Does it make a single waffle or multiple servings?
  • Is it easy to clean afterward?
  • Is it safe and simple to use?
  • Is it easy to store?

Those features roll into the best waffle maker that produces heart shaped waffles, but you won’t see all those features in all the models on the market today.

So, how can you tell you’re spending your money on the right machine?

After all, while a good waffle maker produces excellent waffles, the wrong one can end up producing a sticky mess that’s almost impossible to clean up.

How can you be sure you’ll avoid that scenario?

Simple – you stick with me to go through the best options below.

If you’re wondering how to make the best waffles, you can find various waffle recipes to try in your new machine, with some offering tried and tested recipes for the best waffles around.

But you still need a waffle maker to cook them in, and you want the best heart shapes around, so let’s start looking and find out about the best ones you can buy today.

Best Heart Shaped Waffle Maker (My Go-To Pick)

Mueller Heart Waffle Maker

Make next Valentine’s Day – or even any weekday or weekend – more romantic with my best pick for a heart waffle maker.

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • Cool to touch handle
  • Makes 5 waffles
  • 8-inch total diameter

It does beg the question – can you share the fifth waffle?

Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker (Best Options)

Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Here’s another great machine that is super safe to use, as you’ll see below.

Check out the highlighted features:

  • PTFE and PFOA free nonstick plates
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Makes 5 waffles

You’ve still got to decide whether to donate that fifth waffle to your loved one, though!

Heart Waffle Maker

Another great option if space is tight and you want something you can easily stow away when you’re not using it.

  • Nonstick waffle baker
  • Adjustable browning for the ideal finish
  • Makes 5 individual waffles or one larger round waffle

This is a good option if you want something you can use just for yourself, too.

Heart Shaped Mini Waffle Maker Low Price

Heart Waffle Maker

This slim machine makes storage easy, especially in a small kitchen, and you get four waffles in heart shapes at once.

  • Nonstick plates
  • Vertical storage design
  • Designed to prevent overflowing batter

Once you get to grips with this machine, you’ll love the slimline design and easy to use features.

Individual Waffle Maker

If you just want to make one at a time, this machine ticks that box.

  • Makes a 4-inch waffle
  • Ideal for on the go breakfast
  • Quick cleanup

The machine itself is way smaller than many others, so it’s great for even the tiniest galley kitchen.

Solo Budget Waffle Maker

Here’s another tiny miracle that produces a single waffle each time you use it.

Could you say no to this, no matter how pushed you are for storage?

  • Makes a 4-inch waffle
  • Cooks in minutes
  • Nonstick plates for easy cleaning

The price also caught my eye here, especially given the solid build quality of this waffle maker.

Waffle Maker Heart Shaped Multiple Waffles

Mini Hearts Waffle Maker

Here’s an unusual design I love, offering the chance to cook a single batch of waffles that come in three sizes!

That’s ideal if you want to make a fancy display, right?

  • Turn out 9 waffles at a time
  • Cooks waffles of different sizes
  • Cooks in minutes

The plate design is nonstick and requires a quick wipe to make sure it’s ready for the next batch – that’s it.

Heart Waffle Maker

I’ve chosen this waffle maker because it offers great versatility, thanks to the plate design.

Check this out:

  • Makes 2 round or 10 heart shaped mini waffles
  • Easy clean with nonstick plates
  • Cool handle design with lock

One waffle each – or two for you – or perhaps even a stack of mini love hearts?

You decide.

Heart Shaped Belgian Waffle Maker Quick Cook

Express Waffle Maker Heart Shaped

Designed to provide fast cooking for impatient waffle lovers, I love this machine. 

It turns out one perfect large heart shaped waffle every time.

  • Make one 8-inch waffle
  • Pro nonstick surface
  • Includes recipes

It’s the perfect way to tell someone you love them.

Multi Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

There’ll be no delay in cooking waffles with this machine, thanks to the recipe guide that you’ll find in the box.

  • Makes 6 mini waffles in one go
  • Quick release nonstick surfaces
  • Easy to clean

I love the square design, and it’s compact too, making it easier to store.

Heart Waffle Maker (My Closing Thoughts)

Anyone can make standard waffles, right?

But if you want something different – something for the one you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day or even any day of the year – it’s good to know you can make heart shaped waffles with ease.

I think this range of heart shaped waffle makers have revealed that it’s much easier to make these waffles than you might think. 

When you’ve got the right design and the best nonstick waffle plates to rely on, making them is as easy as whipping up a decent batter you can use in minutes.

Most of these machines have brilliant features too, such as:

  • Adjustable browning
  • Space for one or more waffles depending on the design
  • Cooking times measured in minutes

So, if you know how many waffles you’d like to make at a time, you can narrow the selection I’ve given you above.

You can even find the perfect waffle maker to give as a gift, maybe for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or even for a birthday.

With this many options and lots of waffle makers to look at, the right one for you is surely out there.