VonShef Donut Maker is the best on the market.


Mini Donut Maker Machines (My 10 Best Amazon Options)

Mini donut maker machines are one of those kitchen gadgets you don’t think you’ll need… until you get one.

You really don’t want to buy a dud though, otherwise it’ll put you off these delights forever.

Fortunately, you do have plenty of donut makers to check out, and if you read through my suggestions here, you’ll sift out the good from the bad and the ugly.

The history of the donut in America alone is convoluted, but whatever their origins, they bring in billions of dollars for the industry nowadays.

Let’s check out the best machines you can buy, as I reveal:

  • My top pick
  • My favorite compact designs
  • The machines that cook more

Save your cash until you’re read my top recommendations, gleaned from experience, knowledge, and a ton of research.

Once you’ve read the following suggestions, you’ll know where to spend your money to get the perfect mix of features and benefits.

Mini Donut Maker Machine (My Go-To Pick)

VonShef Donut Maker

This has to be the top pick because it makes 12 rather than seven, like many other machines.

And just look at what’s involved:

  • Make baked donuts in minutes
  • Includes basic recipes
  • Handle stays cool to touch
  • Heats up super fast!

This is a good all-round solution if you’re looking for a powerful little donut maker you can use for your family at home, without it taking up a ton of space.

Best Donut Hole Maker For the ‘Hole’ Family

Non-Stick Donut Hole Maker

The big perk for this one is that it cooks all kinds of treats, so you can make something for everyone in the family.

Donut hole fans can knock out seven at a time, and it’s quick too, so you can happily knock out two or more batches in succession with no hassle.

Not sure whether this is the best donut hole maker around?

Think about this:

  • Do you want something versatile?
  • Do you want something that’s easy to clean?

If you’re saying yes, this creates the best donut holes ever.

Cake Pop and Donut Hole Maker

Twelve scrummy donut holes ready in minutes… yummy!

If you’re keen on features like these, you’ve found the ideal maker:

  • Cooks at a powerful 1,000 watts
  • Lid closes during cooking
  • Non-stick 
  • Fast to get at the donut holes once they’re cooked!

Just roll them in sugar and you’re done!

Or whatever else you’ve got planned for them; a quick dip in melted chocolate, maybe?

Donut Hole and Cake Pop Maker

Can you resist this purple delight in your kitchen?

If speed is important to you, just check this out:

  • 12 donut holes ready to eat in 4 minutes
  • Donut hole recipe included

Question is, can you polish them all off in four minutes too? 

Time to get another batch cookin’!

Donut Bun Maker For Urgent Results

Donut Doughnut Maker

Yep, two donuts for this title… because the design of this donut maker features a ton of them on the lid!

If you want something truly cool to get people talking, this is the one.

Here are a few reasons why I love this one (apart from the design):

  • Cook 7 mini donuts at once
  • Cooks in minutes
  • You can supervise kids using it too

A great one for the whole family for sure, plus friends, guests, neighbors…

Betty Crocker Donut Maker

This isn’t just a donut maker, it’s a donut making factory with all the decorative bits you and the kids need to finish them off too.

If you can wait that long, of course.

Are you looking for:

  • A complete kit for making and decorating donuts?
  • A cooking activity the kids can enjoy?

Trust Betty Crocker to come up with something suitable, right?

Best Doughnut Maker Machine For Easy Use

Chef Buddy Mini Donut Maker

When you want hot donuts, you don’t want to spend ages figuring out how your new donut machine works, am I right?

This one solves that issue by red and green lights, so you know when it’s hot and you know when it’s ready to go, go go.

  • Bake seven donuts at once
  • Wipe clean and cook again!
  • Measures a compact 11 x 8 x 4 inches

This would be a winner in my kitchen.

Mini Donut Maker

Ease of use is a big deal with these machines, and it applies again here – even though you can use it to cook other treats too.

Here’s what this 3-in-1 maker can do:

  • Mini donuts (of course)
  • Mini pies (yum)
  • Taiyaki (willing to try!)

Interchangeable plates take this donut maker into new and mouth watering territory.

Small Donut Maker For Those Who Don’t Want to Share

Babycakes Mini Donut Maker

If you’re short on space, this truly mini maker might be the one you’re looking for.

Bake four mini donuts at a time before being faced with the idea of sharing… or not!

Here’s why I loved this one:

  • It’s super compact
  • It has non-stick plates
  • Handle latch keeps it safely closed

All you need are recipes, and it looks like you get those with it too!

Mini Donut Maker for Small Doughnuts

Compact enough to tuck away in a kitchen cabinet when you’re not using it, this cool little donut maker has all the features you’re looking for.

Check these out:

  • Non-stick interior
  • Quick wipe to clean it
  • Rubber feet

The guide that comes with it includes recipes too.

Donut Maker Machine For Home (My Closing Thoughts)

I loved my foray into the world of mini donut makers for home, and I’d happily do more extensive research on the topic too.

A key element here is knowing whether you want to cook the holes or the donuts, and how many you want to make in each batch.

Once you’ve figured out that part, you can check the availability of various donut makers and decide which one to go for.

Many of these machines have excellent reviews, and the ones that include recipes are surely among the best of the lot, providing you with a tasty starting point.

Also, I recommend checking out this YouTube video on how to decorate donuts: