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Donut Making Kit (My 10 Best Amazon Options)

Donut making kit options are more diverse than you might think, which means it’ll pay dividends to check out the possibilities before you part with your cash.

There are donut machines and donut making kits intended for all kinds of individuals and markets, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the available options.

Fortunately, you can rely on my experience in this field to bring you the results of my research into donut making kits, machines, and gifts of all shapes and sizes.

By going through this list, you’ll discover the different categories of machines, makers, and kits you can buy.

It’ll make it much easier to figure out which category you should be looking at – and of course, I’ll have several recommendations for you in each case.

It seems we have Dutch settlers to thank for inventing donuts, while someone managed to set a record for eating glazed donuts in 2002 by putting away 49 of them in eight minutes!

Now, there’s no need to put your chosen donut kit to the test by trying to beat that record, but you can check out the options for baking all manner of quantities below.

Read this article and you’ll discover:

  • Donut kits
  • Donut molds
  • Donut machines
  • Mini donut kits

You can see there really is everything to find in this article, so let’s get underway.

Donut Making Kit (My Go-To Pick)

Dash Mini Donut Maker

I’ve picked this as my top recommendation because all you need to do is to whip up a batch of donut mix and pour it in – the machine does the rest!

If you’re looking for an easy way to cook donuts, this could be the machine for you:

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Cooks seven donuts per batch

It’s easy to wipe clean ready for the next lot too.

Donut Making Equipment (Best Machines)

Commercial Donut Machine

If you’re looking for a machine you can use commercially, I’ve got some excellent suggestions here for you, including this compact machine.

See what you make of these features:

  • Built for busy environments
  • Bakes six donuts at once
  • Includes temperature control

Take control of offering donuts to your customers with this neat option.

Commercial Automatic Donut Making Machine

Donuts on a big scale really are possible with this powerhouse.

Just look at some of its features:

  • Detailed control panel
  • Accessories included
  • Produces at least 850 donuts per hour

You can build a business around this machine, thanks to its capacity and ability to produce three different sizes of donuts too.

Automatic Single Row Donut Making Machine

If your business is serious about churning out top-quality fresh donuts, this machine is one of the best out there.

It comes with molds for creating three different sizes, producing 850 large donuts every hour or 1,100 of the smallest ones per hour.

  • Fully automatic machine
  • 7-liter hopper
  • Digital control panel

You’ll be producing donuts in bulk in no time with this machine.

Mini Donut Making Kit On A Budget

Froot Flavored Mini Donut Kit

This kit is perfect for kids and would be ideal as a gift for young donut fans.

If you’re looking for a kit offering these features, this might work:

  • Donut mix, icing mix, and toppings included
  • Silicone donut pan included
  • Full instructions

The eye-catching box makes this a perfect and affordable gift, too.

Doughnuttery DIY Mini Donut Making Kit

This great kit is ideal for an adult, as it comes with everything required to make tasty donuts at home. 

It would be superb for the whole family to try together, too.

  • Ingredients included to make 30 mini donuts
  • Includes four sugar toppings
  • Donut depositor and guide

Everything you need in one convenient box, to make Doughnuttery delights at home.

Handstand Kitchen Donut Kit

This kit is perfect for young bakers wanting to make their own donuts. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Silicone donut mold
  • Donut-shaped cookie cutter
  • Decorating tools and recipe leaflet

It allows young bakers to try making their first donuts with adult supervision, while providing other handy items to get them cooking in the kitchen too.

Donut Kit For Beginners That’s Easy To Use

Silicone Donut Pan Kit

If you don’t have the room for a donut maker, use your existing oven to make tasty donuts with this handy kit.

It’s reusable and you’ll soon have the skills to turn out a batch of donuts whenever you fancy them.

  • 12-hole silicone tray
  • Spatula and 5 pastry bags for piping donut mix
  • Tips and recipes

What else do you need to create fantastic donuts at home?

Complete Donut Making Kit

This kit really does include everything you could want to mix, prepare, cook, and decorate nine donuts at once.

Here are just some of the contents:

  • Donut baking pan
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cooling rack and icing tools

It’s a fantastic kit for donut lovers everywhere.

Global Grub DIY Mochi Donut Kit

How about some Japanese donuts to finish with?

This kit was created by Chef Morimoto, so you can expect the finest quality items to help you make 18 mochi donuts.

  • All ingredients included
  • Donut mold
  • Reusable piping bag

A superb price for a wonderful gift – and an unusual donut kit too.

Best Donut Making Kit (My Closing Thoughts)

What would the best donut making kit look like to you?

Now that you’ve gone through the various options listed under each of the headings in this guide, I hope you’ve managed to narrow the field to find your ideal donut kit.

From machines able to turn out hundreds of donuts to home cooking kits that are great to give as gifts, you’ll see how wide the range really is.

All that remains is to consider how much you want to spend and who you’re buying for – whether that’s for you, your family, your business, or someone else entirely.

There’s lots to think about – but I hope you can see there is a kit or machine out there for everyone to enjoy.